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Matthew Whaley has been creating stories for most of his life. He just didn’t realize he was doing so. He grew up in Miami, Florida where he was introduced to the world of comic books and superheroes. He loved to draw the characters and he loved creating his own characters as well. For the longest time, he thought that he wanted to be a comic book artist. Meanwhile, every character that he created had to come with a story and, much to his parents chagrin, he would spend hours telling them about the worlds he had created in his head. Though he liked to draw and still does, he liked telling stories more. That didn’t dawn on him until after he had moved to Orlando, Florida, where he currently resides with his lovely wife, Samantha. The story you will read on this site is his first attempt ever, to put his characters, worlds, and ideas into a long form narrative. He hopes you enjoy it as do your friendly grocers at the Ethnic Foods Aisle. Thank you for reading.

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