Powers That Be – #87

I was horrified. I almost couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I just sat there staring at him through the portal as he brushed himself off, picked up the briefcase, and went to reunite with the team.

     I was sick to my stomach. What had I gotten myself into? I don’t remember reopening the portal to get them out. I don’t remember taking them back to Jacob’s office. I couldn’t stop replaying that moment. I had made it possible for Pulse to kill that man. I was indirectly responsible. I was now an accomplice to murder. All of the people involved were accomplices. I thought about my parents and I thought about Aria. I mostly thought about Jacob. Did he know? Had there been other murders? Had Aria been involved in activities like this? What was in the case that was so important? I had to know. I had to know now. And there sat this brutal killer while we were all debriefed about the mission.
     I remember Dark talking about how the room the test subjects were supposed to be in was empty. The mission had been a failure. That brought an even more bitter taste to my mouth. I brought these people into that base to rescue people and it was all for naught. Instead, we were left with blood on our hands and a mysterious briefcase that no one was talking about. I should’ve spoken up, but I didn’t. Partially, I was afraid of what he might do. He was a psycho, afterall. Mostly, however, I was just afraid, and before I knew it,  I was at home.
     I lay on my bed for hours that night. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know what to do, but I had to do something. I called Aria and told her to meet me at the Railyards. She had been sleeping and she was a little resistant, but she could tell that something serious was happening so she said she would be there as soon as possible. I thought about going to pick her up, but I couldn’t wait. The guilt was eating at me terribly.
      I slipped into the Shadowverse and made my way to wherever Jacob was. He was sitting in his office alone. The case was nowhere to be seen. I slipped into his room and cleared my throat. He didn’t jump like I thought he would. He just casually looked up and said, “You’re power is truly amazing.”
         “I need to talk to you.”
         “Clearly. What can I do for you?”
         “Pulse killed a soldier when he was off getting that briefcase.”
     He sat back in his chair and massaged the bridge of his nose.
          “That is a very serious accusation. Are you sure about this?”
          “I watched it happen.”
          “Where was everyone else?”
          “They were completing the mission.”
          “Give me all the details.”
      I proceeded to lay out what happened and Jacob seemed more and more upset as the story continued.  When I finished, Jacob closed his eyes and let out a long deep sigh.
          “I promise you I will take care of this immediately.”
     He pulled out his cellphone and made a call.
          “Pulse? I need to see you in my office, immediately.”
          “You’re bringing him here?”
          “This is a grave matter. One I refuse to take lightly.”
     I didn’t have much to say in response except I was a little scared to confront him directly and I wasn’t going to say that. It turned out that I didn’t have to say anything because Pulse was already walking in.
          “What can I do for you, sir?”
          “I want to know about your encounter during the last mission.”
          “You are referring to the soldier that I killed.”
     I was blown away. He just admitted to murder as if it was nothing.
          “He was a threat and I eliminated the threat.”
          “Michael here says that it wasn’t necessary to kill him and that you had separated from the group and had stolen a metal briefcase. What do you have to say about that?”
          “Perhaps he didn’t need to die. It doesn’t make a difference, now, though.”
          “And what about the rest?”
          “It’s a shame.”
          “You’re right. He knows too much.”
      It took me a second to process what Jacob had just said.
          “Your power is truly amazing and I could have put it to great use.” He nodded to Pulse who immediately turned to face me.  “Just remember that I told you to stay at the entry point.”

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