Powers That Be – #86

     I jumped into action and summoned the portal tower. I could hear a couple of gasps coming from the group as the pillar of shadow loomed over them and I couldn’t help but smile. Eventually, the portal into the base presented itself at ground level and I invited everyone to step through.

     Before they did, Dark turned around to say a few words.
          “Does everybody remember what they are supposed to do?”
          “We’ve done this before, Dark.” Summer interrupted.
          “Don’t let your guard down. And move quickly.” He turned to me, “Void, you keep this portal open. We may need to be out of here quickly.”
      I nodded and he turned and walked through the portal. The rest of the group followed closely behind. I stayed in the Shadowverse and directed my shadow to bring up images of the group so I could be prepared and so I could watch them in action.
     Immediately after they exited, Summer pulled a computer out of her pack and clipped a cable to some cables in the ceiling. It appeared that she was more than just a healer. I figured they were most likely taking out the security system. After a minute of working on the computer and then hiding said computer, they were ready to start some action.
     As I watched, it became apparent that they had done this many times before. They were a well oiled machine. I had gotten them as close as I could to the door of the section where our people were being held, but it was still a short sprint down a hallway and around a corner. Reeve took point and charged straight for the guards at the door. They tried to pull their guns but he was on them too quickly. He slammed the left guard into the wall knocking him out. The guard on the right was about to fire on him when Summer, who had concealed her approach behind Reeve’s giant frame, suddenly jumped out and grabbed the soldier by his neck. He immediately went completely stiff as the telltale veins sprouted around her hand. I could see his eyes darting frantically, but he couldn’t move a muscle to resist. Summer gently propped him up against the wall and proceeded to check on the other guard.
     Reeve went to work on the door. It was a thick steel blast door. The kind that opens with a keypad and descends from the ceiling. I thought at first he might try to hack the console, but then I remembered this was Reeve. He slammed his hands into the ground and gripped the underside of the door and began lifting it. The metal groaned but it eventually gave in to his ridiculous strength. I was amazed at the thought that Aria had beaten him on multiple occasions. The team then rushed into another hallway. This one was very well lit with completely white walls and that was as far as I could follow. Jacob had been right, there just wasn’t enough shadow.
     After a couple seconds of thought,  I realized that I hadn’t seen Pulse enter the white hallway. I hadn’t seen Pulse at all since he exited the portal. I started searching the portal tower for him and found him walking in some other part of the base that looked the same as the area I let them out in.
          “Where is he going?” I wondered aloud.
     He took a right, then a left, then another right and came to another sealed blast door. He looked at his watch for about 20 seconds and then lifted his hand to the door and it immediately dented as if a giant boulder had impacted it. A second blast and the door fell to the floor with a loud clanging sound. That’s when the alarms started.
     Pulse didn’t seem too bothered by it. He just strolled into the room and started looking for something amongst the shelves of crates and boxes. Eventually, he pulled a crate off of a shelf and shattered it with another shockwave from his hand. From the wreckage, he pulled a small metal briefcase. As he stepped out of the doorway, a voice cried out, “Drop the briefcase and put your hands on your–“
     In a flash, Pulse had set the briefcase down and was crossing the distance between him and the soldier. The man discharged his weapon but the bullets were deflected by an invisible shockwave that also struck the soldier, disorienting him. Next thing I knew, Pulse had his hand against the soldier’s chin and without hesitation, he exploded the man’s head in a shower of blood.

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