Powers That Be – #82

 When he saw who it was, he stepped aside to let us in.
          “Ahh, Michael, Aria. Come in. Have a seat.”
          “Thanks, Jacob. This won’t take long. I just wanted to tell you that I’m in.” I said.

          “You’re in?”
          “I want to be a part of your team.”
          “You’re sure?”
          “That is fantastic. Thank you so much!”
     I could see the wheels turning as he excitedly shook my hand.
          “Your powers open up incredible opportunities for us. I will have to get to work immediately. We’re going to really make a difference.”
          “So what do you need me to do?”
          “Be ready.”
          “I can do that.”
     Jacob shook my hand and then motioned me towards the door. I was a little taken aback. I awkwardly thanked him again for the opportunity and exited his office. I looked to Aria.
          “Is that really it?”
          “What do you mean?”
          “Just be ready? I mean, I kinda thought there would be more. That there might be a place for me throughout the process.”
          “Oh yeah, he pretty much does it all himself. Too many cooks, you know?”
          “Yeah that makes sense. What do I know about this anyway, I guess.”
          “You’re still dying to be involved, aren’t you?”
          “Yeah! I just want to learn everything I can.”
          “Oh, don’t worry. There will be plenty to learn once we have a mission.”
          “I guess.”
          “You know what? Why don’t we start now.”
          “Let’s do some training. Gotta get you ready for action.”
          “You do realize that I have already seen plenty of action.”
          “You dealt with petty criminals with no training. The people you may have to fight will be far more lethal.”
          “I see. Then let’s get started.”
     She immediately walked me out to the other side of the building. She motioned to a door I had never noticed before. I opened it and it led outside to a second courtyard on the backside of the building. In the center of the field was a small structure with a single door. I wondered why no one ever showed me this area.
          “What’s inside?” I asked, pointing toward the door.
          “You’ll see.”
    She walked to the door and pulled out her keys. She searched for a key and once found, proceeded to unlock the door.
          “After you.”
    I peeked around the door and saw a flight of stairs going down underground. I couldn’t wait to see what might greet me at the bottom. My head was filled with the fruits of my imagination as I rushed down the stairs only to find some exercise equipment and a punching bag in the corner of a gigantic concrete room. I was supremely disappointed.
          “Why lock the door. There’s almost nothing here.”
          “Jacob wants to keep the team a secret. He doesn’t want the others to stumble upon us while we are training.”
          “Isn’t it already suspicious that a bunch of you are coming to a place that nobody else has access to?”
          “Suspicious? Maybe. But we never go in large groups and most people don’t even go into the back area. Also, suspicion is fine, but actually seeing something brings with it questions you may or may not want to answer.”
          “What do you mean?”
          “What we are doing is very illegal and not every person with powers is on our side.”
    It only made sense, but I found it hard to believe. The only people I had ever met with powers were right here. Who could be against all of this? Who wouldn’t want to save their own?
          “So I guess this means he trusts me. How would he know, though?”
          “Because I trust you.”
     She sidled up to me as she said that and kissed me on the lips. She pulled away slightly so that our faces were still very close and stared into my eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful.
          “Alright. Let’s begin.”

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