Powers That Be – #81

 I was feeling good. I had defeated my inner demons, literally. I told my girlfriend that I loved her and then rejected her offer to stay the night and possibly made her cry… It was a good night. Or at least, I felt good because I had acted honorably. On top of that, the morning would see me joining a super hero team. I would be getting back to the work I had started when I first discovered my powers. It was, indeed, a good night.

     My thoughts turned to Alex and our falling out. I still felt bad about the way thing’s turned out, but I didn’t know how to fix things. I didn’t think I could, so I just let it be. The fact that I was joining another team left me feeling guilty, though. I squashed that thought process and focused on Aria and my return to the Shadowverse.
     I slept through the night peacefully and woke up feeling pretty refreshed. It had been awhile since that happened. I got out of bed and went downstairs to get some food. My mom was doing some dishes when I walked into the kitchen.
          “Goooood Morning!” I said.
          “Well aren’t you in a good mood? It’s nice to see.”
          “Yeah I guess I have been pretty moody lately.”
          “Just a little bit. Of course, I don’t have much reference because I haven’t seen you.” she chided playfully.
          “Heh. Yeah. I have been spending a lot of time with Aria.”
          “How’re things going with her? You haven’t brought her around since that one time.”
          “She’s good. We’re really good.”
          “Really good?”
          “Out with it.”
          “…Well, she–she told me she loved me last night.”
          “And what?”
          “What did you say?”
          “I told her I loved her back.”
          “Who loves who with the what, now?”
      My dad stood in the doorway holding bags of groceries.
          “Your son told his girlfriend that he loves her back.”
          “It’s important to find a woman with a strong back.”
          “Har har… She told me she loved me and I responded in kind.” I said sarcastically.
          “Well well well.” Dad said. “this is quite a development.”
          “Really, it’s nothing.” I was starting to feel a little embarrassed.
          “Nothing? This is important.” Mom chimed in. “Do you see this going somewhere?”
          “I can’t say for sure, but… I do love her. I guess I can see this going the distance. I don’t know.”
     It was a powerful revelation to me. I mean what was the purpose of being with somebody if it wasn’t moving towards marriage someday. Somehow, I had never thought about us in that light, but there it was. We loved each other. Someday we could get married.
          “That’s good. Make sure you keep the end goal in mind.”
          “I will, Dad.”
          “I know you will.”
     I finished making my breakfast and brought it back up to my room. I wondered about Aria. What she was thinking about right now. Did she see us going the distance? Was I marriage material for her. I felt like it was probably still too early to bring it up to her, but I hoped that we were on the same page.
     I finished eating and gave Aria a call. We exchanged some chit chat and then we talked about how I would tell Jacob about my desire to help him and his team. We decided we would go in together to speak with him.
     I drove to her house to pick her up. It was shocking to me how much I had missed her in the few hours we had been apart. She stepped out of her front door and she looked beautiful. I felt like I hadn’t seen her in weeks. She climbed into the car, kissed me, and told me she’d missed me as well. I kissed her again. Her scent filled my nostrils and ignited that burning in my chest. She was difficult to resist.
     We eventually got to the Railyard. It was around lunchtime so it was mostly only the residents on the grounds and they were all in the kitchen. We knocked on Jacob’s door and, after a short while, Pulse opened the door.

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